Massimo Usai

Professional photographer based in London, Warsaw and Cagliari

Hello, I’m Massimo Usai and I’m a photographer. I travel the world and take pictures for a living. You can find my work in different magazines and catalogs. I organize a photo tour in London, Warsaw, and Cagliari (Sardinia).

Born in Sardinia and having grown up in Piemont, I finally pursued my dream and moved to London in 1999.

I have spent my life wandering around people, places, and cultures.

In London, I own a restaurant for 18 years and that gave to me the opportunity to meet so wonderful people who inspired me in my job as a photographer. 

To listen, to see and, most importantly, to capture stories has always been my lifetime passion.

Within this website, you'll find hundreds of photographs that help nourish the beautiful gift of sight in a world that has often found itself blind.

People, stories and the hundreds of cultures of the world are what should inspire us to keep going, talk to each other, but, most importantly, photograph so we are always reminded of the beauty in the ordinary of everyday life.

I'm an Associate of British Freelance Photography, and with over 25 years of experience as a freelance travel, industrial, and architectural photographer, and I can meet all your requirements for professional photography.

All my pictures are on sale on this website but you could find different pictures for commercial use on Getty Images, Alamy and 500px.